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Two Worlds: Dreams Manuscripts
Sunday 8th of August 2010 until
Tuesday 18th of March 2014
29 x 27 x 37 cm
Hand written ink on paper

(Diarios de Sueños) 通用名:

General Name: (Nombre General) 科技解梦
Dream Sessions (Sesiones de Sueños) 商品名:

Name of the Article: (Nombre del Articulo) 80 夜
80 Nights (80 Noches) 规格:
Specifications: (Especificaciones)
2014 年三月 March 2014

Through the observation of sensuous impressions and vivid perceptions, as a way of 'seeing the world' more completely and make it visible, I have kept an accurate journal for over 20 years in which I write every details of the dream's plot. Significant facts, I cannot neglect.