Dreamsessions is based in Paris and Mexico

Copyright © 2018

Design by: Alfredo Martinez

day by day

12:00 Wake up
12:21 Someone rings the bell and we speak for 3 mins
12:26 I have a shower
12:58 Four colours juice fruit therapy and sunbathe
13:17 Write a statement to announce the beginning of the project
15:22 I have quesadillas and tomato salad for lunch
15:45 Finish lunch and tidy up the kitchen
16:20 Have a nap
17:57 Wake up
18:26 Pop out to the shop for water
18:30 Walk in the street
18:30 Stop at the framers studio
18:53 Shop in a pharmacy on Oaxaca Street
18:56 Have an injection of vitamin D
19:03 Stop in the beauty salon
19:28 Walk to the supermarket
19:59 Grab a taxi back with the bags
20:05 Taxi drops me in front of the studio
21:34 Skype with Ricardo, the webmaster
22:50 Stop talking and go out again
22:54 In the shop for cigarettes
23:03 At the studio, I prepare food and have dinner
23:57 In the lab, 3 mins later I turn off the lights
01:35 Still awake

06:00 Wake up and launch software
06:15 Ready to sleep with the Emotiv Neuroheadset and apps
07:00 I cannot fall asleep
07:19 Try to sleep again
08:00 No battery left, take off the device and sleep
10:30 Phone call from the therapist wakes me up. I shower
10:39 Sunbathe for 35 mins
11:09 Giselle arrives to clean the flat
12:26 She prepares a 4 colours fruit juice
13:05 In the street looking for a taxi
13:23 Get off in La Condesa and walk
13:35 Meet Alejandra Ruiz, a psychotherapist, for the first time
14:17 End of the meeting
14:30 Stop in a shop and buy Parfum des Fleurs
14:38 On the way, I run into Nacho Prieto and Lisette in the park
14:50 Stop in Don Queso for a beer and make phone calls
15:42 Walk and stop in the hairdresser, then walk back
16:02 In the pharmacy for a minute
16:08 Run into Fernando Ortega and chat for 8 minutes
16:19 Back in the studio
16:35 Prepare ham quesadillas for lunch in 6 minutes
16:41 Finish lunch and tidy up the kitchen
16:55 I have a nap
18:02 Write my dreams for half an hour and work on the itinerary
20:11 Prepare dinner
20:16 Have a Salade d’endives and roquefort with a glass of wine
21:04 Have a hot bath for half an hour
21:34 Chill in bed and review previous dreams
21:44 Go to sleep
22:57 Turn off the lights

06:00 Wake up and launch software to record EEG
06:17 Start Esaco, Test Bench and the Control Panel
07:11 Cannot sleep
07:54 Fall asleep
09:00 Wake up, take off the neuroheadset. Go back to sleep
10:34 Wake up and recall my dreams
10:55 Sunbathe for 25 minutes
11:28 Have a shower in 6 minutes and get dressed
11:42 Prepare a 4 colours fruit juice and clean up the kitchen
11:52 Get dressed to go out
12:28 Leave the studio and look for a taxi
12:30 Flavio drives me in his taxi to the therapist
12:40 Drops me off at La Condesa where I walk to the therapist’s off and wait
13:15 Meeting with Alejandra
14:03 End of the therapy
14:16 Leave the therapist’s
14:15 Buy a dress in the street market
14:26 Stop in El Péndulo and buy a book
14:30 Pop in to Superama supermarket and queue for 10 minutes
14:49 In Parque México, I run into Gabriel Herrera.
15:05 We chat for 16 mins then I walk to the hairdresser
15:51 After I get a hair cut, I walk back towards Colonia Roma
16:00 Stop in the framers studio
16:12 Back in the studio
16:26 Prepare spinach with cream and cheese for lunch
16:30 I make phone calls
17:44 I send emails
19:15 Pop out to the closest Oxxo and shop for 4 minutes
19:28 Back in the studio, go up to the container terrace and relax
20:22 Go down to the apartment and prepare to go out
20:55 Have dinner at Hornero Restaurant with steak and salad
21:18 Get back home
22:23 Go to bed
22:36 Turn off the lights
23:58 Still awake
01:40 Still awake
02:00 Still awake

06:00 Alarm sounds
06:15 Get up to prepare next recording of dreams with Emotiv
07:09 Cannot get to sleep yet
09:32 Take off Emotiv device and stop the software. I sleep
10:52 Wake up and recall my dreams
11:24 Write down my dreams
12:35 Framers come to deliver two boxes
12:42 They leave the studio
02:02 Prepare 4 colours fruit juice therapy
02:11 Eddie and Vale arrive to the lab
02:40 Skype meeting with the webmaster for 23 minutes
03:11 Eddie cannot fix the sound software
04:06 Nina arrives
04:08 We go to buy cigarettes. At Hornero we buy a bottle of wine
04:12 In Lyrica, have drinks and salads
08:14 Nina leaves
21:49 Eddie and Vale leave
23:23 I go to bed

04:00 I wake up. Again I cannot sleep with the neuroheadset
08:00 Launch Emotiv software alone, without Esaco
10:24 Take off the device, stop the software and chill in bed
10:46 Run a bath and clean the kitchen
11:35 Have a hot bath
11:56 Get dressed and clean up a bit more
13:00 I prepare to go out
14:09 Out at the shop
14:19 Back in the studio
14:58 Joaquin comes to have lunch, we walk towards the park
15:11 In Peces Restaurant, we share raw fish and shrimps
17:17 I walk back alone
17:29 Back in the studio and relax

11:34 Giselle wakes me up. No EEG recording. I write down my dreams
12:23 Have a quick shower in 8 minutes
12:31 Get dressed and prepare to work
13:12 Giselle prepares fresh 4 colours fruit juice for breakfast
13:20 I’m down in the office
16:50 Close Dream Sessions, 2010.08 to 2014.03, dream diaries
16:54 Stop work and go up for lunch
17:27 Back in the office, write down more dreams
21:44 Stop editing dreams, write an email to Juan Pablo Ross
21:58 Eddie calls and sends a new app, I wait
23:28 I go to the laboratory room
23:44 Eddie and I try to install the app WTS
00:53 The computer does not support the app. I go to sleep

06:36 I wake up and go back to sleep. No EEG recording
09.02 Wake up and stay in bed
09:42 Have a shower and have breakfast on the container terrace
10:08 Go down to the office
10:13 Francisco Rivera calls, we talk for 19 min
10:43 I start writing down my dreams
11:13 Eddie arrives
11:29 Dani arrives, Ricardo arrives to fix the system in the lab
12:31 I go to work down in the office
14:28 Go out to the bakery to buy bread
14:32 Walk back
14:40 Flavio, the taxi driver drives me to see Alejandra
15:24 Meeting with the therapist
16:20 Leave the therapist’s
16:24 In Colonia Condesa, looking for a taxi
16:31 Taxi drives me back to the studio
16:43 Walk in and meet Eddie and Dani
17:26 Eddie leaves
17:37 Dani and I go to Hornero for lunch
18:55 Back in the studio, we fix WTS app on the computer
19:43 Leave the studio
19:49 In the pharmacy and out
19:58 Back in Lyrica. We try the audio and the process
22:22 Dani leaves
23:04 Get ready to go to bed
23:36 Turn off the lights and sleep

06:00 The alarm sounds. I can’t get up, I’m too tired
10:22 I wake up feeling good
11:19 I cry for the loss of a relation
11:38 Pop out to the shop for 4 minutes
12:00 Meditate for 30 minutes and then I write down dreams
14:43 Cook vegetable soup on a low flame
14:56 Launch Emotiv software and start to record dreams
17:00 Wake up and write new dreams
17:42 Sergio arrives
19:42 Sergio leaves and I get back to work on the Day by Day logs
21:54 Stop working and go up for dinner
22:10 I have veg soup and prepare to sleep
22:29 Turn off the lights

07:32 Wake up and launch apps. Few minutes after, I stop them
08:17 Start Emotiv software and WTS again and get to sleep
10:24 Wake up, stop computer systems and drink fresh juice
11:15 Go up to the container terrace and sunbathe for 20 min
11:48 Giselle is here, makes 4 colours fruit juice. I’m in the office
13:20 Manuel Forte arrives to help me with work
14:26 Manuel leaves, I pursue archiving Day by Day activity logs
16:37 After I tidy up the office, I prepare lunch
16:46 Have vegetables and Roquefort
16:59 After lunch, I relax
17: 18 Have a nap
18:45 Get up to go out
19:22 Prepare my bag and go out
19:34 In the shop, I stop for water
19:37 Back in the studio for 4 mins
19:41 Wait for a taxi in the street
20:08 Arrive at therapist’s office
20:10 Sit and wait
20:40 Meet with Alejandra
21:50 End of the session and walk
21:55 At Salinger’s bar for a drink
22:19 Walk back towards Colonia Roma
22:51 In and out of the studio
23:03 Enter the pharmacy
23:08 Back in Lyrica, start to prepare food
23:53 I have spinach with onions for dinner
24:04 End of the working day. In bed, I get ready to sleep

07:46 Wake up and recall my dreams
08:45 Try to sleep with Neuroheadset for 1 hour with no success
11:58 Stand up, feeling tired
12:19 Have a shower and dress
12:21 Jump in Flavio’s taxi
12:35 At the framer’s studio for 4 mins
12:46 In the industrial furniture shop, buy 2 bases for the frames
12:54 Head back to the studio
13:14 In the studio, leave the frames and bases inside
13:32 leave the studio and walk
13:40 In the street market I buy face cream in 2 minutes
13:44 Stop for cigarettes
13:46 At the tailor’s, I pick up my trousers
14:02 Back in the studio. Dani and Marcos, fruit sellers, arrive
14:33 We bring up a new bench to the roof terrace
14:58 After sitting on the bench, they leave. I go out
15:01 In HSBC bank, I queue for 20 mins
15:22 Back in the studio again and leave
15:31 At Hornero’s Restaurant
15:35 Catch up to Carlos Renteria walking in the street
16:20 Back in the apartment and in the room. I go to bed
16:32 Launch Emotiv app and WTS and sleep
18:48 Stop to record EEG system. Get up
19:04 Prepare to go out
19:12 Go to the shops to buy groceries
19:15 Buy eggs in the organic food shop
19:28 Buy vegetables
19:37 At Galia’s for a bottle of wine
19:46 Back in the studio
20:39 I cook vegetable soup. Eat guacamole and ham
21:02 Prepare to go back to bed
21:26 Turn off the light

06:35 Wake up to start a dream session
06:49 Wear neuroheadset with apps and WTS
07:59 Cannot get to sleep and take the device off
09:09 Rest, then sleep
11:11 Wake up, recall my dreams and sunbathe for 20 min
11:48 Have coffee up on the container roof terrace
12:03 Buy fruit outside the studio to make a 4 colour fruit juice
12:19 Tidy up the kitchen
12:32 Transcribe memories of my dreams from last night and do emails
15:17 Go up to the flat to prepare lunch
15:24 Have quesadillas of ham and guacamole until 15:39
16:00 Practice meditation for half an hour and write down more dreams
19:36 Try to make the Emotiv work and rest
21:02 Figure out that audio is not working at all
21:16 I call Dani to ask for help
21:32 Dani arrives and shows me why it didn’t work
21:48 We go out to a bar called Kitchen
23:08 Leave the bar and walk
23:22 Pop into the Oxxo on Alvaro Obregon
23:32 Back in the studio
23:36 Dani leaves
12:17 Prepare to go to bed
12:28 Turn off the lights and sleep

06:11 Wake up to prepare to record my dreams with EEG
07:27 Sleep with the neuroheadset and sound app WTS
09:00 Take the Emotiv off, close softwares and sleep
10:50 Get up
11:00 Sunbathe on the roof terrace for 32 min
11:49 Prepare a 4 color fruit juice until 12:07
12:15 Shower and dress in 15 min
12:59 Chat with Roberto via Skype
13:27 End of the conversation and write notes of my dreams
14:53 End writing down dreams and go out for a bottle of wine
15:07 Back in, prepare a good lunch
16:00 Have pasta with cheese and salad then relax
18:23 Go up to the roof after the rain
19:45 Have a hot bath
20:25 Chill in bed
21:11 Read and get to sleep at 22:23

09:35 Wake up and start a new EEG recording of dreams
13:05 Get up and dress, Giselle is here
13:12 Speak with Harry Porter
13:30 Prepare to go out
13:47 Leave the studio
13:50 Stop to print docs and jump in a taxi
14:05 Get off at La Specia Restaurant
14:07 Meet with Gabriel Herrera
14:12 Meet with Roberto Parodi the painter
14:20 Have lunch with Katri Walker
18:24 Leave and walk together for 6 mins
18:43 Pop into a pharmacy for 4 mins and walk back
18:59 In the studio do emails in the office
19:50 Speak with Jorge Morales on the phone
20:12 Go up to the flat
10:22 Listen to binaural sounds in bed
23:22 Still awake

07:58 Wake up
10:07 Start a dream session with WTS app
11:28 I hear the sound “tic-toc” that wakes me up
11:51 After a 4 color fruit juice and coffee, do emails in the office
12:35 Start to transcribe dreams
13:25 Manuel Forte arrives at the studio
14:07 Eddie and his friend, Henri, a programmer, are here
14:41 Manuel leaves
15:06 Me, Eddie and Henri leave Lyrica
15:08 I take a taxi to La Condesa
15:20 Taxi drops me at Alfonso Reyes
15:24 Walk to meet Alejandra Ruiz
15:27 Arrive to the therapist’s office and wait
15:34 Go in and leave at 16:24
16:27 Take a taxi back to Colonia Roma
16:40 Run into the studio
16:41 Get in quickly, it’s raining
17:13 Go up to the apartment and cook lunch
18:00 I boil eggs and make veggie soup and pasta
18:23 Record audio, chill and read
22:52 Back in bed

03:00 Wake up and go back to sleep
07:03 Wake up and meditate until 07:38
07:56 Start Emotiv Epoc apps with difficulty and WTS
10:00 After sleep with the neuroheadset, I wake up again
10:03 Practice meditation until 10:29 and squeeze orange juice
10:43 Go up to the container terrace
11:28 Pop out for water and write down my dreams
11:57 Try to work on my accounts when Marguerite calls on Skype
12:19 Dani arrives to the studio then leaves for the Hub to meet Eddie
12:55 Juan the garbage man pops in
13:24 A simultaneous call with my sister Dominique, on Skype for 3 min
13:47 Dani comes back, tries to fix the Esaco app, I stop talking with Marguerite
16:05 He leaves
16:18 I go to the restaurant next to the studio, Hornero
17:03 After lunch, I walk to the shop next door
17:15 I’m back in Lyrica and tidy up the office until 19:48
19:58 Prepare a hot bath, 20:39 get in for 30 min
21:25 A power cut in the studio
21:38 Power comes back on and the system starts again
22:51 I have a bite to eat
23:13 In bed, I turn off the lights

06:20 Wake up really tired
06:33 Lying in bed, I fall asleep
06:50 Wake up and fall asleep again
08:10 I can’t record my dreams, Emotiv apps have no signal
10:18 Try to start a dream session again with Esaco app
12:06 Sleep but cannot hear the audio, I get up and make a fruit juice
12:39 After I tidy up the kitchen, I have a coffee and a shower
12:47 Meet with Giselle down in the studio
13:19 I work in the office
14:04 I walk to a printing office
14:10 Leave and walk back
14:17 In the studio, hang around and leave
14:47 Meet a friend, Said, in the restaurant’s terrace next door
14:51 In the street I pop by my friend Victor, the blacksmith for 3 mins
14:55 In the bank for 3 mins and out in the street, I wait for the bus
15:04 On the bus to Polanco, I write down my dreams
15:53 Jump out at Parque Newton and walk for 3 mins
15:58 In the French Consulate, I get a new passport
16:19 I leave and walk by the Park, pop in to see Antonio from children.org
16:36 Wait at the bus stop but decide to take a taxi back
16:41 In the taxi towards Colonia Roma
17:24 Meet again with Said and friends
17:24 Maxi Copias deliver a print work for me
17:32 Back with Said and friends, I have a drink with them
18:01 Go to meet with Carlos Renteria in La Casa del Poeta but he misses the appointment
18:06 In the Hornero again with Said and friends I have another drink
21:45 In the studio I have a bite to eat and chill out
22:32 In bed, try to relax
00:53 Still awake

05:45 Wake up tired
08:02 Wake up but fall asleep
09:22 Wake up and start another dream session, recording with Emotiv Epoc
10:52 Stand up and wash my face and hang around
11:25 Ready to leave
11:41 Out to Friday’s street market
11:45 Stop to get face cream for 2 mins and walk
11:53 In the fashion designer I get my clothes done
12:07 Back in the studio, I have cactus salad, avocado and half an apple for lunch
12:26 In the office, do emails
13:10 I transcribe dreams
15:03 Go out for 10 mins and get cigarettes
15:54 Rest with Emotiv Software
17:36 Wake up and get ready to go out
18:00 Out of Lyrica, 10 min after I meet with Oliver, a street DVD seller and keep walking
18:20 At the the beauty salon for treatments until 18:59 and leave
19:18 On the way back I stop in a bakery
19:51 Back in I have some salad
20:21 Tidy up the kitchen
20:47 Lying down, I write my dreams
22:53 Stop writing dreams, I prepare to sleep again
23:03 Turn off the lights
00:14 Still awake

07:19 Wake up and get up
08:13 Launch Emotiv Software and Esaco but hear 2 sounds before 30 mins, decide to stop
09:23 Start again with WTS but can’t get to sleep fast and hear no sound
10:03 The battery of the neuroheadset ran out after 2 hrs. I make 4 colour fruit juice and coffee
10:50 Sunbathe for 20 min on the container roof terrace
11:26 Shower and dress
11:54 Down in the studio I do art work
14:56 Walk to get food for lunch
15:18 In the supermarket
15:22 Back in Lyrica, I cook for Jorge’s lunch
15:33 Jorge arrives and goes out to get wine while I finish. When he gets back we eat on the terrace
19:29 We go to the shop for water and cigarettes
19:32 In the street we see Maria Jose Romero going to the same place
19:38 Back on the container terrace
22:01 Jorge leaves
22:40 In bed, I feel tired

04:01 Wake up and go back to sleep
04:56 Wake up and never get to sleep again
06:04 Wake up, fall asleep
08:21 Wear the neuroheadset and Emotiv software
10:18 Take off the device and sleep
12:11 Wake up slowly and prepare coffee then check emails
13:48 Tidy up the room
14:08 Do meditation for half an hour
14:15 I speak with my brother Jacky on Skype
16:29 End of the conversation
16:37 I speak with my sister Dominique until 17:07
17:37 Restart the computer system
17:43 Relax
19:59 Have a hot bath for 35 min
20:35 In bed, check my email contacts
22:01 For dinner I have eggs and salad then hang around
01:06 Turn off the lights and sleep

05:26 Wake up
05:36 Get up for another dream session
05:47 Start WTS with Emotiv apps
06:32 First audio
07:15 Second audio
08:42 Start Esaco and hear one audio, no sleep
10:42 Wake up
11:16 Have a shower, dress, Giselle arrives to clean the flat
11:50 Start Esaco to check the sounds but stop it straight away
12:01 Launch Esaco again; 12:24 first audio…
14:11 Stop the app
15:28 Go to the bank and queue for 7 mins
15:41 Pay into Harry’s account and back
15:47 Have salad and cheese for lunch
16:22 Giselle leaves
16:46 I relax for about an hour
17:47 Make phone calls
18:02 Dani arrives to help with the computer system
19:53 Check again, Esaco is not working
20:59 Go out for beers
21:11 Back in, we discuss an argument with Eddie
01:03 Dani leaves, I go to bed
01:35 Still awake

09:50 I wake up
10:50 Prepare to do another dream session
11:07 Start the recording system but the audio is not working
11:17 Stop and dress
12:45 Eat salad and cheese then tidy up the kitchen
13:20 Go down to the office
13:42 Dani comes to fix the time laps in Esaco app
14:33 I go out to the street and back
14:44 Prepare my bag to go out again
14:56 In the street I catch Flavio in his taxi and he drives me to La Condesa
15:12 He drops me on Alfonso Reyes and then I walk
15:17 Wait at the therapist ‘s office
15:38 Meet Alejandra Ruiz
16:26 End of the session
16:32 Call Ricardo Ordorica and walk out
16:38 Wait at Starbuck’s Coffee in Alfonso Reyes
16:59 Ricardo arrives, we talk about “dream sessions” website
17:07 Buy cigarettes from a kiosk in the street and back
18:01 End of the meeting
18:06 Stop at Califa’s for beans and tacos
18:32 Leave and walk to a Metrobus Station
18:43 From Campeche Stop to Alvaro Obregón, two stops after
18:56 Go into the pharmacy in front and then walk back to the studio
19:06 Chill and read
22:27 Get ready to go to bed
23:53 In bed I turn off the lights
01:06 Still awake

06:01 I wake up to prepare app system to record EEG and sleep
08:06 Run out of battery, take off the Emotiv device and back to sleep
09:00 I wake up when the alarm goes off
09:12 Have a shower and dress
09:35 Prepare coffee
09:50 Flavio drives me in his taxi to La Condesa
10:03 Arrive at Cafe Chiquito in La Condesa to meet with Jose Luis Barrios
10:18 Have a coffee while waiting but Jose Luis misses the appointment
10:31 I take a taxi to Fondo de Cultura
10:50 At the book store, buy a copy of Jules Verne’s “Around the World in 80 Days”
11:01 I take a taxi back to Lyrica
11:07 Back in the studio check emails in the office
11:38 Go out to print the emails about Eddie’s disagreement
11:44 On the roof terrace, I sunbathe and wait, 7 mins after, Ricardo arrives
12:01 Dani arrives, the three of us have a meeting about the disagreement
12:40 We start to work together on the website content
14:44 I prepare to cook for lunch
15:43 Food is ready and back to the office to finish the work
16:44 We have lunch together
17:47 Dani leaves, we finish up the day’s work
18:21 Ricardo leaves
18:38 Tidy up the office
19:00 Leave and walk, pass by Centro Budista
19:21 Arrive to Casa Tibet
19:35 Head out to Buró Buró on Jalapa Street
19:43 Meet with Catalina Lozano, Daniela Pérez from De_Sitio curatorial team
20:03 Back in the studio and read
21:09 Have a hot bath for half an hour
22:02 Lying in bed
22:30 Turn off the lights
00:09 Still awake

05:31 Wake up and fall asleep
07:35 Wake up and recall my dreams
08:13 Stand up
09:39 Start Emotiv apps, put on the neuroheadset
10:02 Launch Esaco and rest
11:12 Wake up and recall my dreams in bed
12:36 Prepare 4 colors fruit juice and coffee
12:05 Giselle arrives and I have a shower
12:31 Clean the drainage on the roof terrace of the studio
13:27 Head out to the street
13:31 In the fashion designer for 2 mins
13:36 In the hardware store for 4 mins
13:42 Run into Victor the blacksmith
13:47 Back in
13:58 Have coffee and start to work on editing dreams
17:03 Have salad and leftovers from yesterday’s lunch
17:29 I go out for veg and cigarettes
17:36 Back in the studio
17:50 I have a nap
18:38 Organize archives for half an hour
19:15 Write dreams from last night until 22:23
22:53 Turn off the lights
23:56 Still awake

08:06 Wake up and write down my dreams
09:26 Start a new dream session with Esaco app
11:04 First sound, I can’t sleep
11:24 Second sound, stop Esaco, stand up, put on Emotiv neuroheadset and start InDreams app
11:59 No battery left, stay in bed then stand up and get dressed slowly
14:14 Go out to Hornero’s Restaurant, next door, for a bottle of wine
14:20 Harry arrives and we have pizza for lunch in the office then work
16:53 Harry leaves, I stay and hang around
20:36 Watch a documentary on Jacob’s Ladder
21:37 End of the film
22:11 I go up to the room lab
23:00 Start InDreams app alone and check the audio lapse, in bed
23:08 Tick Tock sound
23:49 Noise
00:03 Noise
01:59 Still awake

09:31 Wake up tired, chill in bed and recall my dreams
10:58 Have breakfast
11:31 Have a rest
12:35 Write down my dreams
13:06 Test InDreams with 4 sounds per hour while writing
13:29 Stop writing
14:38 Shower for half an hour
15:12 Get dressed
15:15 Stop testing InDreams audio app
16:00 Prepare salad, rice and spinach
16:37 End of lunch
16:56 Speak with Ricardo and fall asleep
18:21 Wake up
18:41 Power cut
19:05 I walk out of the studio
19:17 Stop at El Lado Oscuro for an ice cream and walk out
19:21 Walk to the shop
19:29 Run into Amelia Huerta in the street
19:41 After she shows me her garden, I go into the shop for a min and out
19:49 Stop at Montserrat’s for a glass of wine
20:29 Back in the studio and chill
22:52 I have a quick nibble
23:06 Try to rest in bed
00:53 Still awake

06:48 Wake up but fall asleep
08:03 Wake up and recall my dreams
08:56 Take notes of dreams
09:39 Do meditation for half an hour
10:09 I’m in my office
12:53 Chat with Roberto
14:07 Chat with Marguerite via Skype
16:00 Stop conversation and Sergio arrives
18:51 Sergio leaves the studio
19:13 I go out for a bottle of wine
19:22 Back in Lyrica
19:30 Prepare carrot and cheese sandwich for dinner
19:51 Down in the office, work on transcribing dreams
21:41 Go up to my room
22:34 Turn off the lights
23:30 Still awake

06:30 Wake up to start another dream session but Emotiv device runs out of battery
07:01 Back to sleep
11:32 I wake up
11:57 In the office transcribing dreams, Giselle arrives
12:38 I have a 4 colors fruit juice therapy
14:42 I go out
14:48 At the cash machine and then back 6 mins later
14:53 Transcribe dreams
16:00 Prepare vegetables and rice for lunch
16:27 Sit and eat, then I call my mother
17:57 Meditate for half an hour
18:17 Try to make the Emotiv device work with Control Panel but there’s no signal so go to sleep
20:32 I wake up
21:07 Walk to the supermarket
21:17 Shop for 16 minutes
21:33 Walk back
21:45 In the studio
21:52 Eat and tidy up
22:21 Check Control Panel app again
22:21 I record my voice reading dreams
00:06 Stop and go up to my room
00:20 Turn off the lights

06:57 Wake up, Control Panel is not responding, get up
07:30 Chat with Roberto
07:44 Record new audios for the app InDreams
09:23 Prepare 4 colors fruit therapy juice in 13 mins
09:41 I have a morning nap
11:32 Wake up, dress and take notes of my dreams
12:23 Transcribe dreams
14:23 Prepare a quick lunch with salad and juice
15:05 Go out and get a taxi
15:13 get off at La Condesa and walk for 3 mins
15:29 Meet with Alejandra the therapist at her office
16:17 Walk out in the street I run into Mauricio Limon and his girlfriend
16:41 Stop in Cafe Chiquito for a coffee and take a taxi to Colonia Roma
16:50 It rains, I’m back in the studio and start to select audios
19:51 Start the computer system and fix Control Panel
21:21 Try to rest in my bed
00:03 Still awake

05:47 I wake up and sleep
08:32 Wake up
09:00 Try to record a dream session but can’t sleep
09:53 Take the neuroheadset off
10:03 Have a shower and dress
11:20 I tidy up the office
11:52 Go out for fruit and vegetables to make juice and coffee
12:08 Back in the office
13:00 Ricardo arrives, we work on the website
15:18 I cook salad and potatoes
15:47 We have food
17:57 Finish lunch and go back down to the office
20:40 Ricardo leaves
20:42 I go out for water and back in 6 mins
20:50 Prepare to relax
21:32 I have a hot bath
22:05 Lying in bed
22:47 have a nibble on leftovers
23:05 I turn off the lights

08:02 Wake up and chill for about an hour
09:03 Meditate until 09:23
09:47 Start to record a new dream session with Emotiv app and InDreams
11:42 I wake up
12:11 Practice meditation once again
13:39 After I tidy up the office, Harry arrives and we work on the translations of the texts
14:59 Have a rest
16:00 Take a shower
16:19 Dress
17:00 Aoba Restaurant next door for lunch
18:00 Back in the studio
18:44 Dani arrives and help to find Esacco audio recordings from Day 23
21:57 We go out for beers
23:10 Dani leaves
23:45 I go to bed and sleep

02:00 I wake up, later on I go back to sleep
09:26 An earthquake, 7.2 on the Richter scale, wakes me up and I get up
10:40 The power is back on, I make a 4 colors fruit juice
11:13 Sunbathe on the container terrace
11:40 Prepare coffee
11:58 I transcribe Day by Day logs in the office
15:41 For lunch I eat a bit of sushi left over from yesterday
15:52 In the office downstairs, I get on with my work
15:56 Power goes off again
18:07 Leave the office, power is back on
18:38 Back in my apartment, I run a bath
19:33 Bath for 27 min and relax in bed
20:38 Have spaghetti for dinner
21:05 End of dinner
21:22 I go to bed
22:58 Do meditation
23:17 Go to sleep

04:00 Wake up and fall asleep again after a while
05:00 I cannot sleep
05:44 Still awake
08:10 Wake up and start to record EEG with Emotiv app
10:00 Get up for water
10:29 The device runs out of battery, I can’t sleep
10:43 Go up to the container roof to sunbathe
11:14 Go down to the office and write my dreams from last night
12:00 Call my friend Luis Hernandez Navarro
13:11 Go out for cigarettes for 5 min
13:16 Back in, continue writing dreams
14:38 Have a nap
16:00 Wake up and cook lunch
16:30 Eat onion, broccoli and avocado with pasta
16:45 Tidy up for a minute and write my dreams
18:13 Stop writing, down in the office transcribe other dreams
21:37 Go up to the kitchen
21:48 Have a bite to eat and add audios to the Messages folder in the computer system
22:18 Back in bed
00:00 Still awake

05:57 Wake up
05:59 Practice meditation
06:30 Prepare the device to record EEG
06:36 Start a new dream session with Emotiv apps
07:59 Turn off the system and sleep
10:00 Wake up and stay in bed, fall asleep
11:00 Wake up feeling ill
11:15 Shower and dress, tidy up the apartment
12:48 Leave the studio and walk
13:03 In the pharmacy
13:17 Stop at Galia’s for ham and a glass of wine, walk back
13:57 In my room I have a nap
16:36 Wake up
18:20 Go down to Hornero’s restaurant and order a lentil soup
18:43 Meet Moises Vargas and share a beer
19:33 Go up to the container terrace at the studio
22:21 Moises leaves
22:37 Have meat for dinner
22:53 In bed, turn off the lights

02:36 Wake up
05:00 Wake up then sleep again
09:35 Have restless dreams
10:21 Wear the Emotiv and start recording but can’t remember my dreams, sleep again
12:00 Wake up and go out, in the street then back home and get dressed properly to go out
12:45 Go to a coffee place
13:12 Leave Emir and get bread across the street
13:14 In the corner, chat for a few minutes with Victor the blacksmith in his kiosk, then walk
13:27 Bump into a carpenter and chat with him
14:02 Buy vegetables outside the studio, in the studio I have a sandwich
14:15 Work in the office
17:12 Have lunch until 17:56 then back to work
20:12 Go up to the bedroom
20:53 Listen to binaural sounds
22:10 Chill in bed

07:01 Wake up
07:22 Start a new session of EEG recordings with the Emotiv device
09:26 Wake up from a poor sleep and few dreams
09:50 Work in the office
11:02 Go out to the printing place around the corner
11:09 Harry is here, we work on the 80 nights texts
13:19 Harry leaves
13:23 Prepare a four colors fruit juice
13:39 Back in the office
15:15 Flavio drives me in his taxi to La Condesa
15:26 Arrive at Alejandra, the therapist’s office
16:15 Leave and walk
16:24 Stop in a shop for a minute
16:27 At Duvel’s for a beer
16:49 Leave and walk
16:43 Take a taxi in the street
17:00 Get out the taxi and walk
17:10 Sit at NonSolo for lunch, have salad and pasta
18:00 Back in the studio
19:10 Go out to get phone credit
19:19 In Oxxo
19:29 Meet with Moises Vargas at Montserrat
23:29 We leave the wine place, I get back to the studio a few minutes later
00:02 In bed, turn off the lights

02:18 Wake up with the hellish noise of the neighbour’s engine
03:12 Try to sleep
09:35 Wake up but stay in bed
10:13 Do meditation and relax
15:35 Start to listen to binaural sounds
18:00 Record EEG from dreams with Emotiv apps
19:35 Take off the device to get water and get back to the recording
19:55 Turn off the system
20:12 Have a shower
20:38 Get dressed and check EDF files
21:42 Have dinner, potatoes and cucumber with cream
23:12 In bed again, take notes of my dreams
00:04 Turn off the light and sleep

05:53 I wake up
07:15 Do emails
09:12 Start to record another dream session
10:01 I’m forced to stop the session, Giselle and the blacksmith are here
11:01 Go up to the container roof and sunbathe
11:41 Have a shower and dress
12:01 Go out to get fresh fruit juice for 12 minutes
12:13 Back in the office, do some paperwork
12:49 Go out to send some documents
13:01 Head back to get contact information that I forgot
13:10 Go out again to send documents
13:12 In FedEx office
13:31 Walk to the laundry
13:39 Leave clothes to be cleaned
13:44 In the studio
14:01 Flavio helps me to bring a wooden table to the carpenter’s workshop
14:27 Leave the table and have a sandwich in Los Güeros next door
14:41 Walk back with the furniture repaired
14:47 Work in the studio
15:43 Leave the studio for a minute to go to Hornero’s restaurant
17:44 After finishing work, I go out once again and walk
17:58 At Productos Integrales shop to get natural food
18:12 Arrive at Franka Bistrot and run into Carlos Ranc
00:10 After a few beers we leave
00:23 We part ways at Alvaro Obregon
00:27 Back in my apartment
00:39 I have a shower
00:46 Get dressed and have a bite to eat
01:18 I go to bed

05:45 Wake up and fall asleep
08:47 I wake up but cannot remember my dreams
09:01 Start to record data from sleep activity with EEG
10:50 I rest then stop the system
10:55 Get up and prepare coffee
11:20 Sunbathe for 22 minutes
11:45 Fix the bench of the roof terrace for 17 minutes
12:15 Shower and get dressed
12:30 Leave the studio
12:32 Take a taxi
12:43 Get off near the therapist’s office where I wait for 10 minutes
13:33 See Alejandra Ruiz
14:42 Pay and leave
14:50 Stop at Califa to get a takeaway
14:58 Head to Nuevo León
15:00 Jump in a taxi
15:17 Get out a few steps from the studio
15:33 Ricardo arrives, we work on the site
19:46 I go out for four minutes then back again
20:23 Ricardo leaves
20:51 Have cactus salad and avocado for dinner
21:13 Prepare to relax
21:55 Have a hot bath
22:03 Chill in bed
22:23 Reload audios to messages folder
23:13 Get into bed
23:40 Turn off the lights and sleep

07:36 I wake up
09:11 Try to record EEG from my dreams but fail
10:16 Dress and go down to the office to transcribe dreams and record audios
16:15 Stop working and have something to eat for 10 minutes
16:30 Go to bed and rest
18:00 Get up and get back to work
19:35 I get dressed to go out
20:07 Thierry Désiré arrives
20:25 We leave the studio
20:31 Go to Franka Bistrot
22:50 After dinner, we each head home
22:57 Arrive to Lyrica
23:06 Moises arrives, we walk to the shop
23:09 In the shop, I get water and leave it in the studio
23:19 Out together, at Montserrat
24:50 We leave and Moises invites me to another bar in Alvaro Obregón
01:13 Arrive at BingBang
02:06 We leave and walk
20:08 Stop for a minute in Oxxo
02:19 Back in Lyrica
02:23 Moises leaves
02:59 In bed, I prepare to sleep

07:02 I wake up
07:29 Back in bed, I try to rest
10:16 Start a new dream session with Emotiv app system
12:36 Take off the device, stop recording, get up and prepare pasta salad
13:19 Have a shower and get dressed
13:48 Prepare to go down to the office
14:08 My friend Erika Harrsch calls from Reno USA
15:15 Finish the phone call, start a Skype meeting with Ricardo to fix work
16:26 End of the chat
16:51 I have a quick lunch and start work on the Itinerary Logs
20:49 End of work
21:34 I tidy up the office
21:49 Prepare to rest
11:16 In bed I listen to Binaural Sounds until 00:28 then sleep

09:02 Wake up and recall my dreams
09:50 Start the computer, the system reports a problem
09:55 Restart the Control Panel and have no signal
10:00 Get up, get dressed
11:26 Giselle arrives, she prepares a 4 colours fruit juice
12:11 Organize Giselle’s tasks for the day
12:24 Write down dreams
13:25 Walk to the bank in 5 mins
13:29 Wait in the queue at Banco Santander
13:55 Deposit money into my account
13:39 Back in the office in the studio
16:36 Listen to music for 1:10
17:46 Prepare food
18:16 Back in the office, I transcribe my dreams
19:07 Katri arrives
19:10 We walk out to Galia
19:20 Back in Lyrica we go up to the container terrace
21:00 In the kitchen we heat up dinner
21:16 Order chips from Hornero Restaurant
22:52 After dinner, Katri leaves
23:15 In bed in my room, I turn off the lights

06:35 I wake up and cannot get to sleep
07:36 Computer system is still not working, I go back to sleep
10:50 Wake up
11:52 I sunbathe on the container terrace
12:52 In the office I transcribe my dreams
13:31 Dani arrives to fix the EEg system in my computer
13:52 He leaves, I go back to the office and continue the transcription
16:00 I have a small lunch with spinach and salad
16:15 Start the computer’s app for another Dream Session
18:18 I cannot sleep, take the device off and go down to tidy up the office
20:19 Shower and dress
20:42 I chat to Ricardo on Skype until 21:40
22:04 Have cactus salad for dinner
23:29 Listen to binaural sounds

00:43 Rest in bed
01:43 Still awake
07:36 Wake up
08:50 I wear the neuroheadset and record EEG with system app
11:20 Stop the computer’s programs and fall asleep
12:40 Wake up
12:47 In the office, transcribe dreams
14:10 Transcribe more dreams
16:00 Have chiles rellenos for lunch
16:36 I rest
17:57 Go out to the wine seller
18:08 Back in the studio, I chill
10:24 Fall asleep
23: 54 Wake up and fall asleep again

09:35 Wake up
10:00 Go up to the container and sunbathe for 20 mins
10:20 Go down and get dressed
10:27 In the office, I write then transcribe my dreams
10:35 Giselle arrives to clean
16:15 Giselle leaves
16:27 Have meatballs with salad and rice for lunch
16:55 Leave the table and hang around
17:55 Have a rest until 18:55
19:08 Have a shower
08:00 Chat with Marguerite on Skype
09:10 Prepare to go out
21:27 Moises is here
21:49 We go out
21:51 Buy wine at Montserrat seller
21:52 Back in Lyrica, we chat and get intimate all night

06:00 After everything we sleep in my bed
09:06 I wake up, Moises has left, I fall asleep again
11:56 I wake up feeling tired
12:59 Go to sleep
18:06 Wake up and prepare vegetables, carrot and cabbage. I have a late lunch
19:11 Record my voice reading dreams
20:05 Go out to the shop and keep working
23:08 Finish work
23:22 Go up and eat eggs
00:00 Go to bed again and rest

06:02 Wake up
06:12 Start another Dream Session
06:46 Stop the system, recall my dreams until 08:20
08:44 Get out of bed
09:29 Have coffee and write down my dreams
09:45 Sunbathe for half an hour
10:15 In the office
10:31 I record my voice reading dreams
11:34 Tidy up the flat and have a shower
12:04 I dress
12:13 Ready to go out
12:16 Leave Lyrica
12:23 Laundry
12:28 Back in the studio for 2 mins and out again
12:34 At Hospital Angeles
12:41 In the reception I ask for an appointment with the dermatologist
12:45 Back in the studio I do artwork
13:34 Go back to Hospital Angeles
13:38 Wait to see Clara Emilia Martínez
13:51 Speak with the doctor for 15 mins then pay
14:12 Enter a pharmacy outside the Hospital
14:15 Have some fruit and leave the studio
14:18 At Papachon Restaurant to have a soup for lunch
14:49 Leave the restaurant
14:53 Come back to the studio and get changed
15:14 Walk to Insurgentes Avenue
15:21 Jump into a taxi
15:42 Get off on the corner of Insurgentes Avenue and Edison
18:23 Arrive at Manuel Forte’s show in Diagrama Project Room
18:29 After I talk with Manuel, I go to the Metrobus, Plaza de la Republica
18:38 Get off at Alvaro Obregón station
18:50 Back in my studio
19:01 I have a nap
20:30 Wake up and prepare to go to the supermarket
20:48 Enter the supermarket in Colima St.
21:03 Leave Sumesa and walk back
22:48 In bed to rest


06:46 Wake up, recall my dreams and sleep again
08:47 Wake up and prepare to record EEG
09:15 Start Emotiv app and InDreams
10:39 Take off the neuroheadset and sleep
11:39 Wake up and sunbathe
12:22 Tidy up my room
12:39 Have a fruit juice therapy
14:04 Write down my dreams
15:52 Read and record my voice
17:39 Start a meeting on Skype with Marguerite
18:41 Stop the conference
19:26 I go out
19:31 Get water from the shop
19:34 Back in the studio
19:53 Prepare food
20:08 Have lettuce and pasta
20:26 End dinner, hang out
21:28 I go to bed
22:37 Turn off the lights

02:55 Wake up and can’t get to sleep again
05:53 I wear the Emotiv app with InDreams
08:30 Wake up and keep recording EEG
09:39 Take off the device
10:00 Shower
10:22 Dress
10:26 Make phone calls
10:50 Sunbathe for 22 mins
11:20 Down in the office
12:00 Giselle
13:52 Ricardo arrives to work
14:56 He goes out
15:08 Ricardo is back
15:24 I prepare food
15:40 Have lunch of potatoes, eggs and guacamole
17:04 In the office
17:10 Ricardo leaves
17:17 I have a nap
19:14 Get up, clean the kitchen and write down my dreams
20:12 Go down and tidy up the office
21:10 Have a hot bath
21:42 Get out of the bath and relax
22:11 Hang around
23:00 Turn off the lights

08.12 Wake up
08:47 Prepare to do a Dream Session
10:49 I cannot recall my dreams
11:09 In the office I write down notes of previous dreams
12:03 Transcribe my writings
13:36 Transcribe the Day by Day logs
14:51 Get dressed to go out
15:00 Grab a taxi
15:12 Get out in La Condesa
15:32 Meet with Alejandra
16:35 End of the therapy
16:41 Leave the office
16:45 Stop to buy bread at Café Chiquito
16:50 Hail a taxi
16:58 Get out
16:59 In the studio, I have salad and pasta for lunch
17:27 Down in the office
17:34 Ricardo arrives
17:43 I go out to print some documents
17:45 In the printing shop
17:50 Walk back to the studio
19:46 Pop out for a minute
20:39 Ricardo leaves
21:02 Shower and dressed in 10 minutes
21:23 Pop out for a minute
21:27 Buy cigarettes
23:22 Walk to Montserrat wine seller for a glass of wine
23:25 Come back to my place

00:19 In bed, I would like to sleep
06:07 Wake up
07:18 Start to record Dream Sessions
08:26 I cannot sleep with the device so I take it off and go back to sleep
09:53 Put the neuroheadset back on
11:12 Wake up and recall my dreams
11:47 Go out to get some fruit
11:51 Prepare a four colours juice therapy
12:04 In the office I write down my dreams
13:55 Prepare salad and pasta
14:09 I have cactus salad, guacamole and pasta with tomato sauce
14:47 I listen to binaural sounds
15:59 Get up
16:10 In the office, I have a coffee and transcribe the day itinerary
18:25 Tidy up my archives
19:27 Leave the office and prepare food
19:53 Have carrot salad and potatoes with cream
20:36 Hot bath for half an hour
21:02 In bed, chill and clean up my email contact list

00:22 Still awake
00:46 Still awake
02:32 Still awake
03:33 Still awake
08:39 I wake up
08:49 Wear the neuroheadset but cannot sleep
09:53 Stop the system and do emails
11:36 Shower, Giselle arrives. I get dressed
11:55 Earth trembles (6.6 on the Richter scale)
13:27 I go out and take a taxi
13:34 I get out the taxi and walk
13:37 Stop at the printing shop
13:54 Walk to La Condesa
14:03 Arrive at La Specia, meet Gabriel Herrera
15:04 Dr Reyes Haro arrives
18:47 We leave the restaurant
18:51 Dr Reyes drives me back to Lyrica
18:51 I feel ill and have a nap
22:57 Turn off the lights

00:40 Still awake
04:54 Still awake
09:25 Wake up and get dressed
10:35 In the studio
10:37 Out for a four colour juice therapy
10:42 I meet Ricardo outside the studio
12:25 Juan comes to collect the garbage
13:28 We launch the blog dreamsessions.org
14:18 Ricardo leaves
14:44 The pharmacy makes a delivery
15:01 Out to buy some groceries, fruit and rice
15:07 Have a plate of plain rice and an egg
15:33 In bed I try to rest
17:25 Wake up and have a bite to eat
17:59 Write my dreams down until 18:40
19:14 Moises arrives
20:14 La Naval comes to deliver some goods

00:08 Moises and I get intimate
03:01 He leaves, I call the police to stop the noise in the street
09:47 I wake up
11:11 Start a Dream Session again
13:09 I can’t sleep and take the Emotiv off
13:13 Have a green leafy salad and French cheeses
13:53 I tidy up the kitchen then lie down
16:00 Listen to binaural sounds and try to relax
17:38 End of the relaxation
18:14 Get up slowly
19:09 Take a shower and dress
19:32 I tidy up my room
19:57 Thierry Desiré arrives
20:06 We ask for some beers next door
20:10 Back in Lyrica
22:22 Leave the studio and walk
23:09 At Franka Bistrot Thierry and I share dinner
23:40 Leave the restaurant and stop at Oxxo
23:46 Buy cigarettes
23:49 Thierry walk towards his place, I go to mine
23:53 Back in my place

00:25 I turn off the lights and sleep
03:17 I wake up then go back to sleep
07:59 Wake up slowly
08:34 Get up and get ready to record with the neuroheadset
09:07 Wear Emotiv device
09:31 I stop because of the neighbour’s noisy machine
11:12 After listening to the binaural sounds the disturbing noise is still there
11:32 Stand up and squeeze some orange juice
12:29 I write downs my dreams and do emails
13:51 Listen to Olivier Houdé, from a Radio France emission until 14:03
14:36 Fall asleep
16:26 Put Emotiv device on, start to record EEG for 44 mins but cannot sleep
17:09 Take the neuroheadset off
17:15 Make phone calls then prepare food
17:37 Have rocket salad and plain pasta
18:09 I call my mother
18:39 Start writing my dreams
19:49 Audio is permeated into my dream plot
20:10 Do more emails
21:31 Chill out and read
23:44 Turn off the lights

06:19 Wake up, recall my dreams then fall asleep
07:12 Wake up and get up for another Dream Session
07:59 I start recording with Emotiv app and InDreams
09:05 I can’t sleep and take off the device
09:16 I shower and get dressed
09:34 In the office
10:31 I sunbathe until 10:54 and take notes of my dreams
11:07 Dress and go down to the office
11:37 Javier Muñoz arrives with his assistant Lalo
11:55 Giselle arrives
12:06 The carpenters go out, I get back to my work
13:07 Javier and Lalo are back
15:09 We leave the studio
15:11 At La Bonita to have lunch
16:19 Walk back to the studio, I transcribe my dreams
19:43 Stop work, I chat with them
18:55 Javier and Lalo leave, I pop out for water for 3 mins
19:19 I run a hot bath
20:27 Relax and listen to music in bed

00:35 Still awake
07:51 Wake up
08:06 I wear the Emotiv with the apps
09:42 Take it off, I cannot sleep
10:00 In the office I do paperwork
10:42 Transcribe dreams
12:58 Receive a phone call from the therapist
13:09 Out in a taxi
13:12 I meet Alejandra
14:30 Leave the office and walk
14:38 Stop at Taqueria Califa’s to buy a takeaway
14:44 Take a taxi. Drives me home in 5 mins
14:57 Outside the studio I buy groceries in 3 mins
15:06 Have a quick nibble
15:34 Transcribe my dreams
17:07 Have a break
17:22 Pop out
17:36 Stop for a moment in a shop and buy a belt
17:45 Run into Thierry in the street
17:48 In the natural food shop I buy some things in 7 mins
18:00 Enter Sumesa and shop for 25 mins
18:29 Walk with the bags from Colima St to Cordoba St, in 4 mins, and prepare food
19:41 After a dinner of salad, potatoes and cheese, I relax

04:45 The neighbour’s noisy engine wakes me up
07:12 Wake up
07:19 Get up
08:10 Start an Emotiv Recording of my dreams
09:50 Take off the neuroheadset and chill out
11:02 Get up
11:08 Shower, dress and tidy up the room
11:11 In the office I transcribe dreams
12:38 Flavio drives me to La Condesa in his taxi
12:48 I walk
12:54 In Rock your Hair I wait
13:16 Dani gives me a new hair cut
14:14 Leave the hairdressers
14:26 At Office Max
14:36 Keep walking
14:57 Stop by Montserrat to buy bread and wine
15:29 Leave and run into Fernando Ortega
15:33 We chat for a few minutes
15:37 Back at the studio
15:57 Sand the bench
16:23 Finish and then varnish the bench
16:43 Leave the bench to dry
16:58 Up in the apartment, hang around
17:11 I have a nap
18:22 Wake up and have beans, cottage cheese and avocado for lunch
20:47 A friend, Maria, is here
22:58 We leave the studio together, she walks to her place, I go to get water
23:07 In the studio and back to the shop
23:09 Buy credit in 3 mins
23:15 In bed I prepare to sleep again

01:25 Still awake
04:48 Wake up
06:26 Wake up, recall dreams. My memory is lazy. I fall asleep
07:48 Wake up, recall my dreams and prepare a Dream Session
08:27 Launch the Emotiv app and InDreams
10:08 No sleep, take the device off, have a shower and dress
10:52 Leave the apartment
11:11 In the office I chat with Roberto until 11:54
11:58 Giselle and Fany are here
12:42 Giselle leaves
12:55 I chat with Jacky on Skype
13:55 Speak on the phone with my brother
14:20 Giselle arrives
14:08 End of the call with Jacky
16:30 Giselle leaves
16:35 Walk to the shop in 2 mins
16:41 Back in the studio I send my files to Harry Porter
17:03 Sunbathe on the roof terrace
17:50 Go down to the kitchen
17:52 Have a quick lunch of salad and chicken soup
18:31 In the office I tidy up, pharmacy delivery
18:42 Back in the apartment I tidy up and do beauty treatments
19:47 Have a hot bath
19:59 Get out of the bath and relax until 21:16, then do emails
22:45 Turn off the lights

08:29 Wake up and recall my dreams
09:02 Get up and get dressed
09:32 In the office I write down my dreams
10:28 Leave the studio, run into Victor, the smith, chat for 2 mins
10:32 At Santander Bank
10:36 Leave the bank
10:40 Back in the studio, have a coffee and tidy up paperwork
11:13 Transcribe dreams
13:24 I tidy up the room
13:52 Transcribe more dreams
14:27 FedEx delivery
14:29 I go out for a 4 colours fruit juice in 6 mins
14:36 Back in the studio, chill
15:29 Dr Reyes Haro arrives, I show him the lab in my room
16:38 Chat with Jacky on Skype until 19:18
19:34 Dr Reyes leaves, I go up to the apartment and have chicken soup for lunch
19:50 After lunch/dinner I run a hot bath
20:35 I bathe for half an hour
21:05 Get dressed and chill
21:51 Stand up and prepare to go to bed
22:33 Turn off the lights

00:20 Still awake
08:47 Wake up, recall my dreams and fall asleep
09:51 Wake up and get up
10:19 Down in the office
10:20 Go out for a 4 colours fruit juice in 8 mins
11:28 Send documents to Harry Porter
11:37 Ricardo is here, we discuss the Dream Journal
13:50 He leaves
13:54 I leave the studio
14:06 Pop in to the pharmacy
14:21 Have an appointment for a massage with Hector
16:23 Leave La Bonne Chance Spa
16:31 At Montserrat have a chat with Jose Valdovinos
19:18 Leave Montserrat
19:30 Run into Armando Salas
20:03 I have chicken soup and bread for dinner
20:19 Read
21:08 Dr Reyes Haro and his wife Susana arrive
23:09 After we share a glass of wine they leave
23:31 I go to bed

03:01 Wake up
04:20 Still awake
05:09 No sleep
06:06 Start a Dream Session
09:28 Take off the Emotiv device and sleep
11:13 Wake up
12:25 Note down my dreams
13:54 Shower and get dressed at 14:25
14:39 Dani Emba arrives
15:26 Go next door with Dani for lunch at Hornero restaurant
16:13 We share soup and salad
17:25 Back in the studio
18:18 Start the apps to record EEG. I go to sleep
20:15 Take off the neuro device
20:40 I have a salad at home
21:47 Relax until I go to bed

00:21 Turn off the lights and sleep
07:22 Wake up and note down my dreams
07:42 Start the app system. I put the neuroheadset on
09:00 Turn off the apps and recall dreams
09:26 Note down my dreams and get up
09:42 In the office, transcribe dreams
10:17 Giselle arrives
11:42 I have a shower in 9 mins and get dressed
12:11 Transcribe dreams
13:24 Go out for a min and back
14:42 Back in the office
15:49 Leave the studio to go to the bank
15:52 Back in the studio. I go up for lunch. I have chicken soup in 9 mins
16:08 Check my transcriptions quickly and go up to sunbathe
16:39 Hang around on the roof terrace
17:19 Get dressed
17:27 I go out again, walk to the accountant’s office
17:32 At Impuestum; Meet Rogelio Vera
17:39 Leave and walk
18:18 I have a photo taken for ID
18:20 Stop to print some documents
18:35 Arrive at the studio,
18:37 Katri, Paulina and a third friend, Catalina, are here
18:50 Go to Hornero for beers
21:07 Katri, Paulina del Paso and Catalina Bojacá, leave
21:20 Have a quick dinner, plain potatoes with a cup of tea
21:50 End of dinner
22:17 Turn off the lights. In bed, I sleep

03:35 I wake up
05:05 I cannot sleep
06:02 Still awake, I try to relax
07:20 Get up for another Dream Session
08:59 I cannot sleep
09:08 Shower and dress
10:08 I go out for a four colors fruit juice therapy
10:19 Leave the juice place and Flavio drives me in his taxi
10:59 He drops me in Polanco, I enter Sanborn’s services
11:06 Fill in documents in the National Institute for Migration office
11:41 Go out to do some paperwork, 5 mins after I’m back in the NIM office
11:53 Leave and walk to the bank
11:56 Pay taxes for the NIM
12:06 Out of the bank, make photocopies of the docs
12:10 Queue in the NIM to get receipts
12:55 Out of the NIM office and back in the copy shop to do more paperwork
13:18 Leave and head towards the road back home
13:24 Jump onto a bus
13:45 Get off at Sevilla Metro Station and hail a taxi
13:53 Back in Lyrica
14:02 Prepare food in 6 mins
14:12 Have a bite to eat
14:48 I go to my room for a siesta
16:20 I wake up
17:17 Hang out in bed
19:57 Moises arrives
20:07 We go up to the container
20:17 We ask for steak and salad and have dinner in the kitchen
21:57 Go to Hornero restaurant for a minute
21:57 In the shop, we buy water
22:02 Moises walks me home then leaves
23:07 Relax in my apartment
23:29 Turn off the lights to go to sleep

05:00 Wake up and fall asleep
07:59 Wake up feeling ill
08:57 Recall my dreams and fall asleep again
11:56 Start Emotiv Epoc EEG apps and InDream
13:05 Take off the neuroheadset device. No sleep
13:36 Oscar (Javier’s assistant) brings the wooden box for my Dreams Journal
14:05 Prepare salad for lunch
14:24 Try to rest in bed, I fall asleep
17:11 I wake up. Go down to the office
18:56 Note down my dreams
20:02 Stop writing dreams
20:22 Have dinner then keep on writing notes of my dreams
22:11 Relax in bed. I listen to the radio

00:28 Still awake. Try to sleep
07:15 Wake up
07:28 Get up to record dream state
08:52 Start computer system with EEG apps and InDream
10:30 Take off the neuro device, quit the computer system and sleep
11:12 Wake up, get up and shower
11:40 Dress
12:05 In the office, 3 mins later Giselle arrives
12:23 Ricardo comes to help with the blog
13:19 Giselle goes out
13:24 Ricardo goes out
13:53 Ricardo is back
14:30 Ricardo leaves, Giselle is back
17:13 Giselle leaves
17:17 I have vegetable soup for lunch
17:35 Note down some dreams and read science news online
18:52 Get up and prepare to go out
21:36 Walk to the wine seller
21:41 Arrive to Montserrat
21:46 Back in the studio
22:05 Moises arrives, we chat, listen to music and do some searches on architecture
23:00 Moises leaves and returns five minutes later

00:03 Moises leaves, I go to bed
03:01 Wake up and have a light sleep
05:49 Wake up
06:26 Start another Dream Session with Emotiv Epoc system apps
09:00 Wake up, stop computer apps including InDream and sleep
11:00 Recall my dreams
11:46 Note down my dreams
12:55 Make phone calls
13:22 Make a 4 colors fruit juice for breakfast
13:31 Start working in the office, I transcribe my dreams
14:05 Stop transcribing and do paperwork
14:21 Maxicopias arrives to take work away to print in 4 minutes
15:21 Prints delivery, stay for 5 minutes
16:20 Maxicopias come back for 3 minutes
16:26 For lunch I have veg soup, an egg and cheese until 16:52
17:37 I shower and dress to go out
18:35 Leave the studio, one minute later I’m in a taxi
18:48 Get off in Benjamin Hill, in La Condesa
18:52 I wait at the therapist’s office
19:25 Still waiting, decide to leave
19:27 Stop at Salinger’s bar
19:59 By accident, I see Joaquin passing with a young girl
20:08 I leave, four minutes later I’m in a taxi
20:20 Taxi drops me in Insurgentes Avenue
20:37 In the pharmacy until 20:46 and walk back to the studio
20:51 In the studio
21:42 Leave again and walk to Montserrat
22:52 Leave, two minutes later I’m in the studio again
23:24 In bed, I turn off the lights

06:02 Wake up
07:31 Start to record a new session of my dreams project with EEG
09:54 Stop the computer system apps and take off Emotiv device
10:30 Have a hot bath and relax for half an hour
11:02 Get dressed and lie back down in bed
12:26 In the office, work on dream transcription
13:16 Clean up the kitchen
13:31 Prepare to leave
13:33 Before I leave, I order a four colors fruit juice from next door
13:43 Back in the studio for 2 minutes and take a taxi to La Condesa
13:54 get out of the taxi, back in the therapist’s office to meet Alejandra
15:25 Leave the therapist’s
15:31 Stop in a shop, look for spa products for 2 minutes
15:33 Keep walking
15:36 Stop at El Califa to pick up a takeaway
15:49 Leave and look for a taxi
15:55 Jump in the taxi
16:00 Arrive at Lyrica
16:02 In the studio I prepare a salad to have with beans for lunch
16:27 Down in the office, transcribe dreams
18:00 Have a break
19:48 Stop working, go up to relax and read
10:50 Have a plate of papaya

00:17 Go to bed
07:24 Wake up
08:57 Put on the neuroheaset to record EEG of sleep state
10:39 Take off the device and turn off the apps and start to recall my dreams
11:32 Get dressed and tidy up the room
11:20 Skype meeting with curator’s assistant for the show in Hamburg
13:48 Stop talking with Francesca Verga, I tidy up work papers in my office
14:41 Moises arrives to the studio
14:50 We walk towards the underground, on the way I buy a computer plug
15:11 Arrive at Niños Heroes station, 4 minutes later we get on the train
15:27 Transfer at Balbuena station
15:31 We get off at Pino Suarez. Stop for a Coca-Cola in an Oxxo
15:40 Walk around La Merced market
15:58 Buy fruit
16:06 Buy mushrooms and other groceries
16:17 We leave La Merced
16:25 In Sonora market
16:35 Leave Sonora market
17:31 Arrive at La Bota for lunch
19:50 Walk from the restaurant to another place
20:19 Arrive at Mezcaleria Bósforo in Centro Histórico
20:50 Leave the bar and look for a taxi
21:06 Grab a taxi in Independencia Avenue
21:17 Leave the bags in the studio and get back in the taxi to return to Bósforo
21:35 At Bósforo, we share traditional food from Oaxaca

00:30 Approximate time, leave the bar and head back to the studio, were we get intimate
02:32 Moises leaves, I go to sleep
09:37 I wake up feeling ill, later on Giselle arrives
11:52 Katri is here, we chat and take a look at some paperwork
13:57 She leaves
14:26 Giselle leaves
15:38 Skype call with Dominique
15:57 Stop speaking with my sister
17:38 I put on the neuroheadset to record another session of the project
19:38 Take off the device, I could only rest and no sleep. Stop computer system
19:50 I take a shower and dress until 20:21 then prepare food
20:40 Moises is here. I show him the artist books with collages of my dreams
21:17 We share mushroom risotto until 22:36
23:13 Watch Mamuro Oshi’s Avalon until 00:23

01:49 Moises leaves
02:02 I sleep in the spare room
08:17 Wake up
08:38 Start a new session and record EEG of sleep state for my dreams project
10:35 Take the Emotiv device off and stop the computer system apps, and sleep
11:36 Wake up
11:43 Get up
12:00 I leave the studio
12:06 On the way I stop in a fashion shop, for a minute
12:09 Arrive at Laboratorio Medico Polanco and wait to have some tests taken
12:26 Blood extraction
12:31 Urine test
12:36 Walk back, on the way I stop at the bakery for some bread
12:39 In the studio
12:42 Moises brings bread for breakfast
13:02 He leaves
13:10 Chat with Roberto
13:43 Roberto leaves
14:03 I run into Said and his brother at Hornero restaurant
14:11 In the shop for a minute and then back in the office again
14:15 I write down my dreams
15:08 Tidy up and have leftovers for lunch
15:38 Back in the office
17:43 Ricardo arrives, we work on the system logs for the site
18:43 I leave the studio
18:45 At the printers for five minutes
18:50 Back in the office
21:08 Ricardo leaves, I cook vegetables for dinner and clean up
22:15 Go to bed and relax
23:28 Turn off the lights and sleep

00:00 Still awake
03:11 Wake up
05:00 I wake up again and sleep lightly
08:44 Wake up
08:54 Start to record a new Dream Session
09:50 Have a shower and dress
10:21 Prepare to leave
10:31 Leave Lyrica
10:34 In the queue at HSBC to make a deposit
10:44 Back in the studio
11:14 Delivery comes from the pharmacy
11:44 Write down my dreams and have a nap
15:05 Wake up and have bread, veg and Parma ham for lunch
15:40 Do emails
16:30 Prepare to go out again
16:35 Walk to Laboratorio Medico Polanco on Alvaro Obregón Avenue
16:41 Pick up my results from blood and urine tests
16:43 Buy a pen next door in 1 min
16:48 Grab a taxi
16:57 Get off on the corner of Tuxpan Street and Baja California Avenue
17:01 At the doctor’s clinic I sit and wait for 2 hours and 3 minutes
19:04 See Doctor Pérez Cantera
19:49 Leave the clinic
20:08 Stop at a pharmacy
20:17 Take a taxi back
20:22 In the studio
20:37 At Hornero Restaurant, I have a steak with Capresse salad for dinner
21:04 Back in my room
22:36 I turn off the lights

06:30 Wake up to prepare to record my dreams with EEG
07:08 Rest with EEG computer system apps, Emotiv Epoc and InDreams
08:09 I take off the neuroheadset and dress
09:03 Leave the studio
09:05 Flavio drives me in his taxi
09:42 Get off at Ejercito Nacional Avenue and Molière Street, in Polanco
09:45 Enter an admin office to write a letter for my visa
09:52 I wait in the queue at the National Institute of Immigration
10:08 Hand over my documents to apply for a permanent residency
10:11 In the queue at HSBC, I run into Rubén Bonet
10:30 Leave the bank
10:38 Back in the National Institute of Immigration, I hand over the documents
10:57 Leave Immigration
11:01 Get on the bus
11:18 Get off at Sevilla Underground Station and grab a taxi, in the taxi for 5 mins
11:27 In Córdoba Street I run into Alonso Guardado, we chat for a minute
11:37 Stop to buy fruit at the stall in front of the studio
11:39 Giselle is in the studio, we speak
11:47 Go next door for a 4 colours fruit juice
11:52 In the office, I work on the translation of my dreams
13:50 Dominique calls me on Skype, we talk until 14:08
14:17 Giselle leaves
14:19 I go up to have leftovers for lunch: a piece of steak with tomato salad
14:34 I’m back in the office
15:00 Giselle is also back
16:24 She leaves
16:30 Have a break for half an hour
18:03 Finish office work for the day
18:18 Have a nap with Emotiv device and apps to record dreams
21:38 Wake up and eat fruit
22:01 Recall my dreams
22:23 Write notes and chill
23:41 Go to bed again

07:59 I wake up
09:00 Down in the office, I have coffee, do paperwork then transcribe dreams
14:14 Have a break, for lunch I prepare guacamole salad and an egg
14:41 Scan documents until 15:04
15:43 In my room I start to record a new Dream Session
17:20 Take off the device and have a shower then dress until 17:36
18:05 I have a cup of tea then go down to the office
18:36 Moises arrives
19:11 We share a cup of tea, listen to music and make love
20:59 Get dressed
21:24 Go out for a glass of wine
21:27 At Montserrat, the wine seller
22:36 Walk to the studio. On the way I run into Miguel Cordera and his friend
22:43 Pop back to my place for a minute to pick up medicine for Moises and back
23:03 Back in Lyrica
23:58 I go to bed


08:54 I wake up tired
09:13 Get up and have breakfast
09:55 I write down my dreams until 11:01
11:06 Speak with my brother in Bristol on Skype until 12:31
12:39 I leave the studio
12:41 Take a taxi and get out 5 minutes later at Dalinde Hospital
12:50 I wait at Doctor Pérez Cantera’s clinic
13:03 Get medicine and leave
13:17 Stop at La Naval to buy groceries for lunch
13:45 Leave La Naval. One minute later I’m in a taxi going back to Lyrica
13:51 Get out the taxi outside the studio
14:01 I have cochinita pibil, with tomatoes and cucumber salad for lunch
14:34 Back in the office I transcribe my dreams into the computer
16:33 Stop working in the office, I tidy up. It’s raining
18:16 Put on the neuroheadset and start to record my dreams
19:59 Stop the Dream Session with EEG apps
20:42 Get up and prepare food
21:23 I have a quick dinner while looking at the computer
21:40 Book a room for next week at Radisson Blu Hotel in Hamburg


00:00 Go to bed in the spare room
10:17 Wake up and recall dreams
10:35 Get up and have breakfast
11:12 Dress and go up to the container terrace
11:16 Sunbathe for 20 minutes
11:39 Write down my dreams until 12:29
12:48 Start working in the office, I transcribe my dreams
15:02 Leave the studio and head towards the street market
15:06 I stop to look at beautiful earrings
15:08 Enter the food market
15:28 Buy fresh fish
15:31 I get tomatoes, other fruit, and vegetables
15:36 Leave the market and walk back
15:45 In the studio
16:00 I have fish and tomato salad for lunch
16:29 Clean up
16:42 Transcribe dreams in my office
17:48 Stop transcription
18:12 Start to record EEG with Emotiv neuroheadset
19:41 Take off the neuroheadset
19:45 Shut down the apps system, stand up and go to the office
19:48 I archive the Day by Day itinerary of the 80 days
21:53 Pablo Goebble, the art dealer, arrives
22:52 Pablo leaves
22:57 I have leftovers from lunch for dinner
23:13 I go to bed in the spare room, feeling tired

09:21 Wake up, get up and have breakfast
09:48 Write down my dreams, Giselle arrives
11:07 Stop writing
11:18 Giselle goes out to buy fruit
11:30 I shower until 11:41
11:58 She prepares 4 colours juice
12:21 Dr Reyes Haro postpones our meeting until tomorrow
12:37 I do paperwork
12:52 Transcribe dreams
14:32 Organise storage area in the studio
15:15 Giselle leaves, we leave together for a change
15:20 Back in the studio I prepare salad, fish and vegetables for lunch
16:23 I tidy up the kitchen
16:33 Prepare a new Dream Session recording in my room, with EEG
16:36 Put on the neuroheadset and launch computer apps system
18:39 I cannot sleep due to anxiety. I have a cup of tea
19:00 In the studio, I archive the Day by Day logs
22:13 Stop working on Dream Session project
22:18 I have leftovers from lunch for dinner
22:36 Relax and note down my dreams
23:38 I go to bed

07:16 I wake up
07:26 Get up and get dressed
07:40 Write down my dreams until 08:04
08:09 Prepare administrative paperwork to leave the studio
08:59 Wait for Flavio
09:05 In 5 minutes I get a four colours fruit juice
09:09 Pop back to the studio to get my bag
09:15 Flavio drives me to Polanco in his taxi
09:44 Get out and walk to National Institute for Immigration
09:48 On the way I stop for 4 mins to get a print
09:52 In the queue to get special permission to leave the country
10:00 I have a document stamped so I can leave for 2 months
10:12 Fingerprints, the last step for a permanent residency
10:19 Leave Immigration, on the way I stop in a pharmacy to get change
10:25 On the bus back
10:38 Get off at Sevilla Metro Station
10:40 Grab a taxi to the studio
10:46 Walk in and up to my apartment
11:24 Start a Dream Session with Emotiv Epoch and InDreams Sound apps
12:55 Wake up but I cannot remember what I dream
13:03 In the office
13:13 Transcribe dreams
13:53 Prepare to go out
14:36 Dr. Reyes Haro arrives, we walk
14:41 Ee have lunch in Non Solo Restaurant at Plaza Luis Cabrera
14:58 After lunch we walk back
17:04 Get in Doctor Reyes’ car at Lyrica
17:11 Doctor drives me towards Hospital Dalinde
17:19 I say goodbye to Dr. Reyes and get out of the car
17:23 Meet with Doctor Pérez Cantera at his clinic
18:12 I leave the clinic
18:31 Meet Ricardo at Lumen
19:11 I walk with the cut-to-size paper for the Dream Diary: 80?
19:13 Hail a taxi on the way
19:17 Get out outside my studio
19:18 Run into Said Montes de Oca, at Hornero Restaurant
19:21 After I leave my stuff in the studio, I sit with him and his friends
20:34 Back in my apartment
21:23 Run a hot bath
22:08 Relax and read
23:30 In the bed in the spare room, I go to sleep

07:30 The alarm wakes me up, I feel tired
07:55 Get up, dress and have breakfast
08:14 Write dreams
09:02 Down in the office I transcribe dreams
10:26 Skype meeting with Francesca Verga in Berlin for 9 minutes, until 10:35
13:37 Chat with Roberto, in c-base, during Brainhack 2014, until 13:50
13:58 Quickly prepare food and have lunch until 14:17
14:43 Work in my office but just before, I pop out for 3 minutes
15:41 Spend 3 minutes on Skype with my sister Dominique in Chile
16:56 Stop working, I have a shower and relax
18:19 I put on the neuroheadset to begin a Dream Session recording with EEG
19:11 I rest but cannot feel, I fall asleep
20:32 Try another Dream Session, start the computer system apps
20:59 Stop recording, get up to prepare dinner, relax
11:25 In bed


08:00 Wake up and have breakfast
08:52 I shower
09:06 Dress and organise administrative tasks in the studio
09:56 In the office, I transcribe my dreams
11:36 Giselle is here to help
13:12 Giselle leaves and returns at 13:30
13:57 Stop working
14:10 Katri and Hardey are here to pick up the Lyrica keys
14:21 We have lunch in the restaurant next door, El Beso Huasteco
15:10 I leave them in the restaurant and get back to the studio
15:14 In the office, I transcribe my dreams
14:44 Giselle leaves
17:51 Finish transcribing dreams and go up to the apartment
18:26 Run a hot bath
18:54 Get out the bath and relax in bed
18:15 Get up and get dressed
19:34 Moises arrives, we go up to the container terrace
21:19 I go out, he stays and cooks. Stop first at Hornero Restaurant
21:22 At Montserrat
21:31 Leave the wine seller
21:34 Shop for 2 minutes in La Fé, on Guanajuato Street
21:40 Back in the kitchen with Moises
22:36 We have a great meal of meat with mushrooms at the kitchen table


00:28 We make love until 01:09
02:20 Moises leaves, I sleep in the spare room
08:08 The alarm wakes me up
08:21 Start to record EEG of sleep with Emotiv Epoc app and InDreams
10:25 Stop the system, take off the neuroheadset and get up
11:00 Manuel arrives to help dismount a large format painting
11:11 Dani Emba arrives to help Manuel pack the work
11:32 We start to dismount Roissy (Les Echangueurs) from the stretcher