Dreamsessions is based in Paris and Mexico

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Design by: Alfredo Martinez

Dream Sessions is the fruit of a collaboration started in 2011 between the artist Nathalie Regard and the neuroscientist Roberto Toro. For over 20 years Nathalie performed a detailed diary of her dreams, translated into a series of works marked by a sense of chronic, applying to visual and conceptual objects. Roberto is researcher in computational neuroanatomy interested in the development and evolution of brain.

They were joined in 2016 by Guillaume Dumas researcher in neuroscience and in the transdisciplinary gap on altered state of cognition.

The project is supported by Dr. Reyes Haro-Valencia president of the Mexican Society of Sleep and The Neuro Bureau, a non-profit open initiative for international collaboration, in anything related to brains and new ways of thinking about them.

Based in Mexico City, Nathalie founded Lyrica Artists Workshops in 2016.