Dreamsessions is based in Paris and Mexico

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Dream Sessions is an arts and cognitive neuroscience initiative that promotes the use of art and science as a common good in knowledge and society by the artist Nathalie Regard in collaboration with the neuroscientists Roberto Toro, and Guillaume Dumas. Dream Sessions is an on going project, the objective is to confront the subjective, personal perception of Nathalie's dreams with an objective, quantitative analysis, throughout brain recordings, seeking to establish a bridge between these two the dimensions. All the data is open under CC licence.

Since 1996 Nathalie performs a detailed diary of her dreams translated into a series of works marked by a sense of chronic, applying to visual and conceptual objects, combining performance art, writing, visual art and cognitive science, all related to the notions of perception and mental images. The first test was conducted on May 2011 at the Sleep Clinic of the General Hospital, Mexico City for the work The-Ghost-Dream-Symposium, bringing together the function of a polysomnographic registry and the test P300, both revealing images from the mind, traces of cognitive processes and consciousness, confronting them with my own subjective approach. Since then, we went around the idea of stimulating sleep with audio.

Roberto is a researcher at the Institut Pasteur in computational neuroanatomy, interested in the development and evolution of the brain. In 2014, together we perform the work 80 Days-In-Dreams, in Mexico City, with a commercial headset of 14 channels, it was the second step in the search of a passageway between the dimensions of dreams and waking state adding an exceptional length of time in relation to common studies. We proposed that for 80 consecutive days we were going to put my body along with the drawing of a machine and to measure it with electroencephalography, to observe what the dream narrative reveals. For two decades Roberto and Nathalie has collaborated together until 2016, when Guillaume Dumas researcher at the Institut Pasteur in neuroscience and in the transdisciplinary gap on altered state of cognition joined Dream sessions and decided to take the initiative to the next level. In 2017 we perform the recording of 101-Nights of sleep with 256 HD-EEG channels, in Eugene, OR, U.S.A.

Dream Sessions have been exhibited during the Brain Art Exhibitions at The Human Brain Mapping Conferences HBM in Québec City 2011, Beijing 2012, Hamburg 2014 and Vancouver 2017, as well as the Brainhack in Centre International d'Etudes Pédagogiques in Sèvres, 2013, the Brainhack Networks at the Brain and Spine Institute (ICM) hosted at the Institut Pasteur in 2016 and Brainhack- Hôpital Pitié Salpetrière in Paris in 2018 as well as Galerie Laurent Mueller, Paris and The Hub/Wellcome Collection in London, 2015.

We received the support of The Neuro Bureau a non-profit open initiative for international collaboration in anything related to brains and new ways of thinking about them, Dr Reyes Haro-Valencia, director of the Sleep Clinic at the General Hospital in Mexico and EGI, a medical device company and a key component of dense array EEG method.